Introducing our brand new page designer

We've totally revamped how you edit your Podpage and made it way easier to build the page you want!

HAPPY 2021! We're excited to start this year out with a major upgrade we've been planning for a while now, and that we rolled out just a few minutes ago (please report bugs 😊).

We've just launched our new Page Designer, which makes your website easier to update than ever. When you go into the dashboard, you'll now see a Page Designer option on the left (this combines the old "Design" and "Pages").

The top of it will list general settings that affect all pages. Things like the navigation bar, primarily colors, sidebar.

Below that you'll see a section for every page on your website. Click into a page and you'll see exactly what is and isn't customizable on those pages (and obviously we'll be adding more customization as time goes on).

It's never been easier to set up a website for your podcast. We have a long way to go, but this should be a major step forward to let non-technical people build gorgeous websites.

Happy new year!

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