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Here for More now connects with a much bigger audience.

Natalie Kraus had struggled with Wordpress for too long and finally gave up. She switched to Podpage and never looked back.

Natalie Kraus

About the Podcast

Here For More Podcast aims to help eco-conscious creators manifest more fulfillment, impact, and joy in their lives. Through solo episodes and interviews with entrepreneurial-minded individuals, we share how we are learning, growing and living for more, while doing our part to save the planet.

Features Used

Before Podpage

"My podcast actually started as a blog on Wordpress. I initially went with Wordpress because I was told it was the best for SEO and greater audience reach.

There was a MASSIVE learning curve figuring out how to utilize all the different features in order to get my site to look and operate the way I wanted it to. Everything felt hard, especially the parts that required me to learn HTML and coding.

My website was clunky, slow, and definitely not optimized. But I didn't know another way!

I spent HOURS learning and updating a website that I would eventually ditch all together. It was a good learning experience, but wouldn't do it again now that I have a way better option."

ALL the features you could ever want or need for your podcast website are automatically integrated. The fact that I don't have to mess with HTML is amazing.

Natalie Kraus

After Podpage

Here For More Podcast website

"I had pretty much given up on having a website for the time being. It wasn't worth the struggle. That's when I learned about Podpage.

For fun, I tried the free preview feature just to see what my podcast website could look like. When my show was automatically populated, along with every episode, show notes, descriptions, and images, I was amazed. I was basically DONE building the site, and I had only clicked one button! I quickly upgraded to the Pro membership and I've never been happier with my website. 

The biggest change I noticed was my ability to reach more potential guests. Never before did I have people I'd never met contacting me through the Contact for of my website. I knew this had to be a result of awesome SEO. I've only had my Podpage website for a little over two months and I've had multiple inquires through my site. Not to mention that some of these individual's are from totally opposite sides of the world. This is just the beginning! 

Having a website is such an integral part of a successful business. Having one that's extremely user-friendly and effective is even better. I'm so glad I found Podpage! "

Here For More Podcast website
Here For More Podcast website
Here For More Podcast website

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