Podcast Network Websites

Build a turn-key website for a podcast network with automatically updating subpages for all network podcasts.

One website for all your shows

Network websites have a homepage for the network and a fully-featured, automated sub-page for every podcast.

Each page has it's own fully featured sub-website

A custom domain for your network

Full SEO for podcasts, hosting, backups, security

Podcasts do not have their own separate domain name

Networks who host on Podpage

Podbreed Website
JHM Podcast Network Website
Hiking Radio Network Website
She Leads Podcast Network Website
Just Like Media Website
Listen Happier Website
Dog Podcast Network Website
Ride Home Podcasts Website



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Up to 25
Up to 100
Monthly Visits

Use any domain you already have to show your Podpage website.

One of the best things about having your own website is letting Google know that this is THE official place to learn about your podcast. And the best way to make it official is to associate it at your own domain name.

Simply register a domain anywhere, and we'll provide the details to point it to your Podpage website.

Your page will stay up to date as you post new episodes to your feed.

The best part about a Podpage website is, for the most part, it's totally automated. New episodes from your feed will automatically be added, new reviews from Apple podcasts are imported, and overall, the page just takes care of itself.

You'll receive alerts when there's something to do, but it's rare. You can set it, and forget it.

Every episode gets its own page with all relevant info, indexed in Google.

This is the most foundational element of your whole website: the episode. Every episode you create gets its own page with all relevant information, including title, duration, summary, show notes, episode images, and most importantly a player.

These pages have customizable, human readable URLs, and are automatically indexed in Google.

Listeners can play episodes directly from your site with great media players.

Podpage puts a player on every page, so when someone lands on your website, they can immediately listen to your podcast. On your homepage, there's a player at the top to start streaming your most recent episode, and on each episode page, there's a player for that episode.

We support a standard player, as well as players from some media hosts such as Simplecast and Art19.

Your site will link directly to your podcast on a bunch of different players.

We automatically add follow badges and graphics to all the top players you want to add to your website, giving your listeners the ability to listen to your podcast wherever they prefer.

We'll also do our best to only show a user players supported by their device, so someone on Android wont see Apple Podcasts as an option.

All pages automatically have speakable, human readable URLs.

URLs are more memorable when they're readable, and search engines prefer URLs to mean something, so every URL on your website is human readable (/disney-interview) instead of a random number (/9n292na).

You can customize these URLs as well, so if you want to say the memorable URL during the episode ("Get the show notes at mywebsite.com/podcast-tips"), that's easy.

Every episode has social sharing links and looks gorgeous when shared.

Every episode on your website will have prominant links to share to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and a large list of other social networks.

Additionally, every page has been optimized with the right open graph metatags so when it is shared, it looks gorgeous on every playform and stands up in the timeline for better visibility.

Space to go into detail about you and what the show is about.

The about page is one of the most visited pages on a website, because it's a place for listeners to find out what your podcast is about and what your goals are with it. Take time to give listeners a glimpse behind the curatin and tell them a bit more details about the show.

Define what topics your podcast covers, and sort episodes by category.

Once you've created a lot of episodes, having a giant list isn't a great listener discovery experience. Podpage lets you organize your shows into categories, so listeners can see related episodes easily.

We pull your initial category list from your feed, but you can edit it however you'd like. Get creative!

Easy to remember links like /follow, /rate, /latest, and more.

Every Podpage comes with several convenient baked in links making it easy to share and find your content.

• /latest brings up your most recent episode.
• /follow shows a page with listen/subscribe badges.
• /rate directs someone to rate you.

There are more, and more to come!

Customizable design lets you create a website that fits your brand.

Your website has a number of different settings you can change to customize the page to feel more like you. You can change colors, fonts, layouts, and more, and we're adding new customization options all the time.

Engage with listeners through voicemails.

Podpage comes with a voicemail system fully baked in. Listeners can leave voicemails for you directly from your website and you can download the audio to use in your podcast.

Give listeners the opportunity to easily join your newsletter.

You are the one creating great content, but you're letting the podcast players own your relationship with your listener. Instead, get your listeners on a mailing list and periodically reach out with things of interest.

Podpage makes it easy to prompt someone to sign up for your email list, and you can export the info anytime to Mailchimp or other newsletter service.

Make as many custom pages as you'd like for team, history, or sponsors.

Want to create a page that's not currently included as a Podpage feature, such as sponsorship information or team biographies? No problem. You can create a new page for anything you want, at whatever URL you want. It's simple.

Your site includes a page that lists your reviews from Apple Podcasts.

You should brag about all the nice things people say about your podcast, and Podpage makes that easy. Reviews from Apple Podcasts are imported and the 4-star and above ones are displayed on your website. You can also feature your best reviews on your homepage!

We check for new ones daily, and alert you when a new one is found.

Create and maintain a blog alongside your episode pages.

If you'd like to create written content as well as your podcast episodes, we make it easy to publish your own simple blog on your podcast website.

Your blog can have unlimited posts and will be linked to in the navigation of your website.

Help new listeners find the best episodes to start with.

If you've created a bunch of shows, and a new listener shows up for the first time, it can be overwhelming. To make their initial experience easier, you can feature some of your best episodes to show up at the top of your homepage.

Curating a first listener experience is a great way to turn an interested person into a subscriber.

Create simple, pretty links for sponsor and affiliate redirects.

When linking to a sponsor or giving out your affiliate code, make it simple for your listener by creating an easy to remember, simple link at your domain. You can create as many sponsor links as you'd like.

Let listeners search through your archive of older episodes.

As your podcast grows, so does your archive of excellent content. To make sure new listeners can easily access and find old content, every Podpage site comes with full episode search.

Search will look at episode titles, summaries, show notes, and other metadata you've added.

Add your Google Analytics tag to see your traffic.

It's important to understand your website traffic, and instead of reinventing the wheel, Podpage supports Google Analytics. Set up a free Analytics account and add your GA ID to your website, and you'll see complete visitor data within Google Analytics.

Prompt iOS users to open your podcast directly in Apple Podcasts.

Apple makes it exceptionally easy for listeners to jump directly into Apple Podcasts if they're on a compatible phone by letting you display a native banner at the top of the screen. With Podpage, turning this banner on is effortless.

Easily paste your episode transcript to each episode page.

Transcripts are a great way to make your content more accessible. They're great for Google to get additional context about what's in the episode, and even more useful for people with a disability who can't listen to your episode.

Give listeners another way to engage with you through comments.

One of the best things about having a website is being able to have a direct connection with your users, and one of the best ways to do that is through comments. Podpage makes that easy.

Podpage integrates popular commenting systems, making it easy for you to choose your preference and get the conversation started.

Make it easy for listeners to donate to your podcast.

Podpage integrates with all leading donation platforms, including Paypal, GoFundMe, Glow, Buy Me a Coffee, Ko-Fi, and more.

Ask users to join your premium membership program.

Advertise and drive traffic to your premium membership opportunity through Patreon, Supercast or other platforms.

Give listeners a way to get in touch with a contact page.

You have the option to show a contact form so people can get in touch with you over email. It adds a simple contact form to your page, letting the user send a quick message.

You can also show different places they can find you online, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and even LinkedIn.

Make it as easy as possible for listeners to rate your show.

Instead of telling listeners to "Go to Apple Podcasts and rate the show", you can just tell them to "Click rate on our website" or "Go to mydomain.com/rate" and they'll be forwarded along to the place of your choosing.

You can forward them automatically depending on their platform, or have them choose on their own.

Build audiences for advertising platforms with tracking pixels.

We make it very easy to insert your Facebook Pixel, Twitter Tag, LinkedIn Tag, and more.

Connect your Podpage to leading mailing list platforms.

Add your mailing list signup form from Aweber, ConvertKit, Constant Contact, or Mailchimp to collect emails directly into your mailing list service.

Quickly generate a tweet, Facebook or LinkedIn post.

We make it very easy for you to share every new episode. With a small social sharing tool, we generate a post that can link to individual players or the episode page on your website.

It's available for every episode in your catalog.

Include a video version of the episode on every episode page.

If you film a version of your episodes, you can include this on your episode page, making it easy for your audience to see your show.

Easily list your merch items directly on your Podpage.

You build a beautiful grid of products you have for sale elsewhere directly on your Podpage, or you can just redirect to your external store.