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Our customers love that they can build a beautiful, listener-friendly podcast website in 5 minutes, customize the design to create a professional look you’ll be proud of in a few clicks, and there’s no coding or technical knowledge necessary.

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Dave Jackson

"Podpage looked at what podcasters needed in a website, and then gave it to us. It's simple. It's powerful, and makes great looking websites. Quit trying to make a square peg fit into a roud hole. This is made for podcasters. You'll save your money. You'll save your time, and you'll save your sanity (no updating WordPress every 30 minutes!). Now I can spend more time making content, and not fussing with my website."

Dave Jackson

Dave runs the School of Podcasting and hosts a bunch of Podcasts. He hosts Logical Loss and Akron Podcast on Podpage. In 2018 he was inducted into the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame.
Josh Kaplan

"Podpage is exactly what a podcaster needs. It makes adding new episodes, creating SEO value, and hosting your own content SO easy. When we are all figuring out how to engage beyond the RSS feed, this should be your first step. There are already so many features and customizations and I can't wait to see (and be a part) of the platform's growth."

Josh Kaplan

Josh does Strategy & Operations at Morning Brew and uses Podpage to host the website for Morning Brew Daily.
Kevin Rose

"Podpage built what I believe to be the best podcast website builder out there. I'm going to use it for my shows, solves a ton of pain points."

Kevin Rose

Time Magazine calls Kevin one of the "Top 25 Most Influential People on the Web," and Bloomberg lists him as a "Top 25 Angel Investor." He is an investor, serial entrepreneur, and long time podcaster. He hosts The Kevin Rose Show and True Venture's Foundation on Podpage.
Paul Colligan

"The best software is the software that JUST WORKS. For the last 15 years of my life, I’ve gone to bed wondering what’s going to break in one of our many WordPress installs. Not the case with Podpage - and that’s the point. Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazingly cool, but it’s the combo of worry-free and amazingly cool that makes this so special. "

Paul Colligan

Paul runs Podcast Partnership and has written many books on podcasting, including How to Podcast. He uses Podpage to host many client websites, including Your Next Million, The Gender Intelligence Show, and Real Relationships Real Revenue.
Cath Rashidian

"48 hours after I got on to Podpage, my postage was captured by google and int the trending section of my news alerts. with the key words that I was hoping google would. pick up. so impressed by your services. so glad I found it."

Cath Rashidian

Hecate Okay

"I loved how fast and easy it was to create a Podpage. I had been struggling to create a Wix page I was happy with for weeks and it just wasn't coming together well for me. I signed up for Podpage and it imported everything immediately. I had a beautiful page up in minutes! The templates are created for podcast material and I didn't have to fight a format to twist it into what I wanted it to be. I'm so happy I found Podpage and I can't suggest it enough."

Hecate Okay

Hectate is the host of the Finding OK podcast, hosted on Podpage.
Philipp Hartmann

"Podpage enabled me to get my website up and running within 15 seconds. After only 2 hours of design and concept planning, I had a perfectly skinned, professional-looking, and easy to use page for my podcast. As a busy dad, this was a lifesaver, enabling me to spend time where it counts - with my family and podcasting. I would highly recommend using Podpage."

Philipp Hartmann

Philipp is the host of the www.DADicated.com - empowering Dads podcast
Ira Haberman

"Finally, the tool I have been searching for, for 2.5 years, since launching The Sound Podcast. I struggled with Wordpress, Wordpress Plugins, spent time on calls with developers and on and on and on, when all I really wanted was Podpage. I just didn't know it, but when I found it, it was a game changer. New website got set up in 15 minutes, and it looked good right away. No hassles, no understanding code and CSS, just boom. A perfectly good and extremely high functioning website for my podcast. I was smitten from the word go. "

Ira Haberman

Ira runs The Sound Media Group and uses Podpage for The Sound Podcast.
Trevor Hammack

"Being the host of a small podcast, I realized that trying to get my podcast discovered was going to be an uphill battle. I thought about creating a website for the podcast but my technical skills were seriously lacking. Podpage made it very simple and affordable to have a website for our podcast. It allows people to search all of our episodes, subscribe to the podcast from all major podcast apps and even a blog so I can add further content and supplement a podcast episode. I would encourage anyone with a podcast to consider getting a podpage."

Trevor Hammack

Trevor uses Podpage to host two of Victory Baptist Church's podcasts: Theology Central and VBC Sermons.
Ido Singer

"As someone who spends a lot of time cultivating a certain visual consistency and look, I found it hard to find the time to create all of that myself (having a Full-Time job and being a father of 3 young kids). Podpage solved all of that in seconds! I love the templates (automatically created for you in seconds), customizability (you can tweak A LOT if you choose to do so), and it is incredibly affordable! One of the best features must be the creator’s availability to you (The Slack channel is awesome), and more-so his willingness to help you."

Ido Singer

Ido's One Last Thought, hosted on Podpage, is a weekly podcast that blends the powerful life-lessons of two great leaders into one actionable message you can put into action immediately.
Neil Matthews

"This is the best choice for a podcast website for those that don't wanted to fight the Wordpress battle! I didn't have time to learn it. Podpage made building a site easy. Don't we need that right now? I love that Podpage has a chat and they are so quick to get back to you. I love that they really want to help podcasters."

Neil Matthews

Neil Matthews, Host of Other People's Shoes
Matt Sonnenberg

"Podpage is fantastic. I just released a podcast episode about it last week, but it’s my new go-to solution for podcast websites."

Todd Middlebrooks

"I had originally setup a Wordpress site for my podcast, but after discovering Podpage, I realized it is a much easier and more automated option for a podcast website. I'm still only using the free version, but really appreciate the ease of use."

Caro Mw

" I think podpage it's perfect when you don't actually want to invest any time on creating a website and it has exactly what you need to make it a good podcast website. Beside this, it's quite cheap, in my opinion."

Kristene Caldwell

"I've been using podpage for a few months now. I struggle with the technical aspects and Podpage was super easy for me. Brenden is really helpful and responsive. I upgraded my site so I can link to my email marketing platform, merch, and the reviews page. It's incredibly easy and affordable."

Stephanie Chambliss Gaffin

"Huge fan of podpage! I was able to use my own custom domain and they were awesome on support helping me get all the DNS stuff set up."

Nigel Beckles

"I have been using Podpage for a few months and it is FANTASTIC! Brenden is super helpful. I currently promote Podpage during my Podcasts. I highly recommend checking Podpage out."

Jerry Won

"Invest a few bucks. Get hours and hours of time and sanity back. Brenden is constantly taking feedback and improving. It’s worth the money. I am on the network plans for all 5 of our shows."

Barry Maguire

"Podpage gives you a cool website just by taking your RSS feed. They impaort your artwork and reviews. they also have a lot of templates and it was almost zero work. I used their slack help channel and they were awesome! if people and moderators thinks its appropriate I'll share my new site. let me know!"

Mathew Passy

" I have a Podpage and love it. Makes the process simple for me and my search ability is still strong."

Carolyn Kiel

"After struggling with my unwieldy wordpress site for months, I am really enjoying my Podpage! It was so easy to set up and maintain, and I love the ability to categorize my episodes by theme(s)!"

James Whitelock

"It's all built for you, automatically updates, SEO is baked in, easily customised and new features like sponsor pages always being released. All for a reasonable price per month. I dont have to devote much time to having a slick site for my pod."

Michael Ting

"I was searching for a few weeks and then I stumbled upon www.podpage.com and it was everything that I needed. Hope it might help with where you're at, as well. 💁‍♂️ Good luck!"

Mark Yeldham

"I second podpage and the owner is really helpful and quick at replying should you have any issues or questions. Great product that he is continually improving! 👍"

Kristin Gaudette Gagnon

"We just switched to podpage and I can’t say enough! The support as well from Brendan was too notch!"

Stephanie Chambliss Gaffin

"I love Podpage for my podcast website, and Brenden is fabulous for support! For my full business we just moved off WordPress to SquareSpace - SO much easier. (but not as easy as Podpage!)."

Debbie DeBerry

"This is by far the easiest and best podcast website, hands-down"

Jodi Hume

"Podpage has everything you’re looking for AND MORE. Super easy to configure, and your podcast episodes create their own pages *automatically* from your feed, they have great customer service, you can do revenue pages and they have lots of tools baked in to encourage people to subscribe to your show, and also rate, not just listen. I can’t say enough good things."

Brad Shreve

"I used to use WordPress which I like because of its flexibility, but I recently switched to Podpage because it's super simple and looks great. I still keep WordPress for my personal website, but after using Podage's one week free service it was a no brainer. My life is much easier now."

Hecate F. Okay

"Thank you everyone who recommended Podpage in this thread. I've been fighting to make my wix decent for weeks and gave Podpage a try. I had it up in 10m with custom content. I'm still fiddling with details but I'm sold. THANK YOU."

Kevin N. Koziol

"Podpage is amazing. As someone fairly new to podcasting - I highly suggest taking a look at Podpage - it was ridiculously simple to make a great impact and let me focus on all the other things I need to do!!! Thank you for creating it!!! 5+ STARS"

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