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Our customers love that they can build a beautiful, listener-friendly podcast website in 5 minutes, customize the design to create a professional look you’ll be proud of in a few clicks, and there’s no coding or technical knowledge necessary.

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Dave Jackson

"Podpage looked at what podcasters needed in a website, and then gave it to us. It's simple. It's powerful, and makes great looking websites. Quit trying to make a square peg fit into a roud hole. This is made for podcasters. You'll save your money. You'll save your time, and you'll save your sanity (no updating WordPress every 30 minutes!). Now I can spend more time making content, and not fussing with my website."

Dave Jackson

Dave runs the School of Podcasting and hosts a bunch of Podcasts. He hosts Logical Loss and Akron Podcast on Podpage. In 2018 he was inducted into the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame.
Josh Kaplan

"Podpage is exactly what a podcaster needs. It makes adding new episodes, creating SEO value, and hosting your own content SO easy. When we are all figuring out how to engage beyond the RSS feed, this should be your first step. There are already so many features and customizations and I can't wait to see (and be a part) of the platform's growth."

Josh Kaplan

Josh does Strategy & Operations at Morning Brew and uses Podpage to host the website for Morning Brew Daily.
Kevin Rose

"Podpage built what I believe to be the best podcast website builder out there. I'm going to use it for my shows, solves a ton of pain points."

Kevin Rose

Time Magazine calls Kevin one of the "Top 25 Most Influential People on the Web," and Bloomberg lists him as a "Top 25 Angel Investor." He is an investor, serial entrepreneur, and long time podcaster. He hosts The Kevin Rose Show and True Venture's Foundation on Podpage.

Podpage Reviews

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PRO since May 2023

Podpage has checked all the boxes for my podcast

A perfect solution for my podcast with a reasonable monthly rate. Several excellent features have helped drive traffic and increase downloads for my show.

ELITE since Nov 2022

Amazing solution for podcast websites!

This is an amazing, easy, DIY option for podcasters wanting a website without spending a ton of 💲. As someone who has experience with website development and design, I stand behind what this company is doing. The features are already rich and assist in your workflow, but that isn’t good enough for them, so they’re adding more. This is the solution you need!

PRO since Apr 2021

Simply the Best for Serious Podcasters

I have been using Podpage for several years to develop and maintain a website for my Jazz Piano Skills podcast and would consider no other option. The ease of use, quality features, and top-notch service make it the only choice for the serious podcaster. Look no further if you want a professional website to promote your podcast.

PRO since Jan 2023

The Perfect Podcaster's Website Tool!

I'm not a coder or a web developer. I don't have time to become an expert in custom HTML and WordPress templates. PodPage made it a breeze to get Church is Lame's website up and running with an easy-to-use fill-in-the-blank paradigm that's easy to navigate through. Just link my podcast feed and PodPage together, and almost everything you see on the site happens automatically in the background. Happy customer!

PRO since Oct 2021

I can't believe how easy it is!

Podpage has been such a game-changer. I can't believe my podcast's website was built in just a few minutes by entering my RSS feed. I also love how it updates with every episode automatically and pushes it out to social media.

PRO since Dec 2022

Great podcast-hosing website for podcasters

As a seasoned podcaster, it is always a drag to sift through the hosts of podcast-hosting website platforms out there. I came across Podpage about a year ago and have been quite happy with the plans they offer. It is always about delegation and optimization, which Podpage has easily allowed my podcast to do.

PRO since Jan 2021

Podpage is a Great Tool; highly Recommend!

Podpage has been great for managing episodes, links to stores, and their customer service is fantastic! The upgrades to the platform over the past few years have made it a stronger tool for podcasters and authors like myself.

PRO since Dec 2020

I'm already a raving fan of Podpage

I found out about Podpage through one of my podcast guests, who owns one of the biggest digital marketing agencies in the world. Let that sink in - he has a global team of designers and developers and he uses Podpage for his digital marketing podcast website.

Thank God he told me about it. I've absolutely loved it so far, because, here's the thing:

Sure - anyone can start a podcast because the start-up costs are low. But once you start, the expenses (and time) add up QUICKLY.

Podcasters on a budget have to do everything themselves (time consuming) or hire people (expensive). There's a lot that goes into producing a weekly podcast, IE: researching, scripting, recording, booking guests, reviewing, editing, creating content, promoting, writing podcast show notes and blog posts, etc...

Podpage takes care of a lot of the headache and time drain of updating your podcast's website every week by completely automating it and aggregating all the links plus Patreon and PayPal donation buttons (prominently) in one place.

Podpage is also SEO-optimized, which helps with search results. It's fully customizable, it's affordable, and it's easy to use for non-techy, creative people like myself.

ELITE since Jun 2020

Using Podpage is like having an assistant!

I moved from WordPress to Squarespace, then Podpage was born, and I moved ASAP.
Ever since I feel like I have an assistant versus a second job managing a website. Brenden has been inspiring, and new features come out before I even think of them. Podpage has saved me countless hours while keeping my site up-to-date and more polished at the same time!

PRO since Dec 2020

Great solution for our podcast

I have enjoyed using Podpage. The platform handles everything we need and if they don't have it, we haven't really needed it and chances are you won't, either.

ELITE since Mar 2021

There is no better way to host a podcast website than with Podpage (I know, I've tried them all)

I looked at every option for setting up a podcast website, including some of the automated plugins for Wordpress and nothing came close to the simplicity and customization of Podpage. Even better, I'm using it to host my blog, membership and a lot more! Thanks Podpage!

ELITE since May 2021

Looking for ease, simplicity and reliability? Use Podpage to build your site!

Many have tried Wordpress to develop a website for their podcast. But most of us are overwhelmed with the technical requirements of website creation. No longer, as Podpage makes it so easy and quick to craft a beautiful website with very little effort. And, it’s reasonably priced and with a support team that cares. Do yourself a favor a check it out.

ELITE since May 2022

Great Product and Service from Podpage.

You don't have to be a website developer, which I'm not, or know HTML coding, I know a little, to develop a fully functioning high-end website with all the bells and whistles. I'm blown away by the new features being added by Podpage all the time. Results from SEO have been outstanding as is integration with social media and other marketing platforms. The price is very reasonable too. Huge thank you to Podpage.

PRO since Jan 2021

Podpage is the Best Team Member I’ve Ever Had

I wouldn't be able to market my podcast at all if it wasn't for Podpage. They provide everything I need to organize, enhance, and market my podcast. They are constantly keeping up with trends and upgrading their services, all while keeping their costs low. I'd be lost without them.

PRO since Nov 2021

Podpage has been a game changer!

Podpage has completely transformed my website experience. With its user-friendly interface, I am able to effortlessly create and maintain my website. Thanks to Podpage, I have also been able to expand my content by blogging about podcast-related topics. And whenever I encounter any difficulties, their prompt and helpful customer service team is always there to assist me. I am grateful to Podpage for their exceptional product and top-notch customer support.

PRO since Mar 2022

A Must-Have Tool for Podcasters!

Podpage is an easy way to set up and design a professional website for your podcast! It imports new episodes automatically, offers guest forms that make promoting your guests easy, and features several templates to choose from that make designing your website pages a cinch.

ELITE since Jun 2022

Podpage is the best web site program for podcasts that I have found.

Podpage has everything needed to develop a website for your podcast. Guests, links, videos, reviews, etc. Unlike many other web development programs, it is easy to use. The upgrades keep coming. Excellent staff support as well.

PRO since May 2023

Pro is well worth its $cost- saves you a huge amount of time

Podpage was something that we tried as a freebie, as I do with many free apps. After 'kicking the wheels,' we took the plunge and signed up for the Pro plan, and we're glad we did. There are so many moving parts in podcast production. Every time you need to toggle between applications or software is more time spent (wasted!). Podpage has streamlined our production immensely, so once the episode is done on our host, the website is taken care of. The automation of guest intakes is hugely helpful and replaces having to go back and forth via emails to set up interviews. The integration with Calendly also works great. All in all, I'd recommend Podpage to anyone looking to streamline their podcast production. Any problems I've had (mostly in training myself to use it) have been answered immediately through the chat box.

PRO since Dec 2020

Podcasting Websites Made Easy…Really Easy

Podpage makes it trivially easy to set up a functional, clean-looking website for your podcast. The ability to customize social media images, and the automatic cross-posting to social media, is a time-saver. The automatic short URLs both help me keep track of episode numbers and save me valuable characters on services like Twitter/X.

PRO since Oct 2022

Attractive podcast website in a few minutes

When I was looking around for a podcast website host, a podcast community I am on reccomended podpage. I found it really easy to set up and personalise the website in just a few minutes. I continue to make some tweaks every season and find it very user friendly. It also ranks well in Google search.

ELITE since Jun 2021

Moving to Podpage was a smart move!!!

I was hosting my own website and designing it using Divi in WordPress. I started migrating over to Podpage and it was a very smart move. Podpage has so much to offer and it's very easy to make changes. I highly recommend that all podcasters use Podpage.

ELITE since May 2021

Podpage ROCKS, plain and simple!

We've been publishing our weekly music podcast for over 5 years, and getting the pro-version of Podpage (and now Elite) was one of the best decisions we've made. Having a simple, effective web home for our podcast was a must, and switching from WordPress over to Podpage has helped us grow our reach while making our lives MUCH easier. Can't say enough good things about this company and their product!

ELITE since Aug 2021

Podpage is a total gamechanger!

I'm glad to hear that Podpage has made it easy for you to maintain a functional website for your podcast! The user-friendly interface and simplicity are indeed key features that make it accessible for podcasters of all technical levels. If you have any specific questions or if there's anything else you'd like assistance with regarding Podpage, feel free to let me know!

PRO since May 2022

Great platform plenty of features and benefits for the podcaster.

Overall, Podpage stands out as a valuable tool for podcasters, offering a user-friendly experience, automation features, customization options, and insightful analytics. It's no surprise that Love Your Music has chosen to utilize this platform, as it aligns with its goal of delivering high-quality content to its audience while maintaining an efficient and professional online presence.

PRO since Sep 2022

Great functionality, easy to use and responsive support!

I researched several website hosts after deciding to start our podcast, and Podpage offered ease of use that meant I didn't have to spend hours trying to figure out how to organize the site. The reviews were good, so I went ahead. Any question I had was swiftly answered by the email support team. The website builder is easy to use, it has tons of features, and the design of the templates means everyone can find something for themselves.

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