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A beautiful, automated podcast website with the world's best episode pages.

2 Reviews
$12 /mo
Save 37% annually
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Unlimited Traffic
Unlimited Episode Imports
Key Features
  • Use Your Own Domain
  • Podcaster-focused design
  • Episodes magically imported
  • Mobile Optimized Websites
  • Search engine optimization


A podcast website loaded with features to engage your listeners.

160 Reviews
$19 /mo
Save 34% annually
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Unlimited Traffic
Unlimited Episode Imports
Everything in Basic, plus
  • Listener Engagement Tools
  • Collect email addresses
  • Receive voicemails
  • Import Podcast Reviews
  • Create custom pages
  • Pretty Links
  • Write a blog
  • 30+ integrations

Elite Beta

A marketing solution for serious podcasters who want to rank on Google.

54 Reviews
$39 /mo
Save 34% annually
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Unlimited Traffic
Unlimited Episode Imports
Everything in Pro, plus
  • Advanced SEO analysis
  • Reviews from 175+ countries
  • Zapier connection
  • Automated guest alert emails
  • Episode deep linking
  • Private feed support
  • Pretty link click data
  • Host downloadable files
  • Automatic transcription (Early 2024)
  • A lot more...


A beautiful, self-updating podcast website.


A fully featured website, blog and more.


A marketing solution for serious podcasters who want to rank on Google.

Monthly Visits
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Every 4 hours
Every hour
Every 30 mins

Elevate podcast discoverability with automatic, enhanced episode page search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a crucial role in making your podcast discoverable to a wider audience. At Podpage, we understand the importance of SEO for podcasters. That's why we've equipped our platform with a range of features to enhance the search visibility of your episode pages.

Your website comes fully hosted and regularly backed up at no extra cost.

Unlike with WordPress, you don't need to go find an external company to host your website files. We do it automatically and there's no extra charge or setup time. It's not something you ever need to think about or consider. It's done for you. Plus, everything hosted on Podpage is backed up every day, so all the data on your website is protected from any kind of server issues. You don't need to worry about any data loss when you build your website with Podpage, and don't need to pay extra for backups.

Your page will be looked excellent on devices of any size.

Most likely, the majority of traffic to your site will be from a mobile device. Your page is fully mobile optimized and responsive for any size device. It is tested for speed and design on mobile phones and will give someone browsing your site an excellent experience.

All pages have exceptionally high accessibility ratings.

Millions of people don't experience websites visually, instead using tools like screen readers to navigate. For these tools to work, a site has to be specially instrumented with lots of additional code. Your Podpage site has this covered. Your site will have an excellent accessiblity score and automatically be easily navigated by someone with limited or no vision.

All websites sit behind an SSL certificate, keeping your listeners safe.

Every website should sit behind a secure certificate, keeping everyone interacting with the website safer. Your page is SSL certified and has a https:// web address, including for your custom domain.

Your website will load quickly on desktop and mobile.

We're constantly improving our page loading speed so your listeners dont have to wait for your page to load, especially on mobile. This is an ongoing effort.

Use any domain you already have to show your Podpage website.

One of the best things about having your own website is letting Google know that this is THE official place to learn about your podcast. And the best way to make it official is to associate it at your own domain name. Simply register a domain anywhere, and we'll provide the details to point it to your Podpage website.

Episode pages auto-generated from your feed, so you can focus on content.

One of the standout features of a Podpage website is its remarkable level of automation. We've designed our platform to make your podcasting experience as effortless as possible. With Podpage, your website practically takes care of itself, allowing you to focus on creating great content. Episode pages are created automatically for you letting you focus on what’s important.

Every episode gets its own page with all relevant info, indexed in Google.

This is the most foundational element of your whole website: the episode. Every episode you create gets its own page with all relevant information, including title, duration, summary, show notes, episode images, and most importantly a player. These pages have customizable, human readable URLs, and are automatically indexed in Google.

Choose between your podcast host's native player, Fusebox, or a custom player.

Podpage seamlessly integrates your podcast host's native media player into your episode pages. This ensures that every play is counted fairly, and you can rest assured that your audience's engagement is accurately measured. We’ve also made it exceptionally easy to replace all media players across your website with Fusebox players.

Your site will link directly to your podcast on a bunch of different players.

We automatically add follow badges and graphics to all the top players you want to add to your website, giving your listeners the ability to listen to your podcast wherever they prefer. We'll also do our best to only show a user players supported by their device, so someone on Android wont see Apple Podcasts as an option.

Clear and meaningful episode URLs for better user and search engine understanding.

Podpage ensures that your URLs are clear and understandable to both humans and search engines. Say goodbye to those cryptic strings of numbers and characters. With Pretty Episode Links, your URLs are designed to be descriptive and meaningful.

Seamlessly share episodes across major social networks with eye-catching open graph metatags.

Every episode on your website will have prominant links to share to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and a large list of other social networks. Additionally, every page has been optimized with the right open graph metatags so when it is shared, it looks gorgeous on every platform and stands up in the timeline for better visibility.

Space to go into detail about you and what the show is about.

The about page is one of the most visited pages on a website, because it's a place for listeners to find out what your podcast is about and what your goals are with it. Take time to give listeners a glimpse behind the curatin and tell them a bit more details about the show.

Improve listener content discovery with organized Episode Categories for a streamlined experience.

As a podcaster, you know the importance of helping your listeners discover the content that matters most to them. When you have a growing library of episodes, presenting them in a giant list can be overwhelming. That's where Episode Categories come into play. This feature allows you to organize your shows into categories, providing an improved discovery experience for your audience.

Easy to remember links like /follow, /rate, /latest, and more.

Every Podpage comes with several convenient baked in links making it easy to share and find your content. • /latest brings up your most recent episode. • /follow shows a page with listen/subscribe badges. • /rate directs someone to rate you. There are more, and more to come!

Customizable design lets you create a website that fits your brand.

Your website has a number of different settings you can change to customize the page to feel more like you. You can change colors, fonts, layouts, and more, and we're adding new customization options all the time.

Empower your audience with voicemails for authentic, two-way interactions, strengthening your podcast's connection with listeners.

At Podpage, we understand the importance of fostering a strong connection between podcasters and their audience. Voicemails empower your audience to express themselves through voice messages. This personal touch adds depth and authenticity to your interactions, transforming your podcast into a dynamic two-way conversation.

Collect emails seamlessly with flexible tools, building a dedicated email list for your community.

Podpage empowers you to build and manage your email list effortlessly. Whether you're starting from scratch or have an existing mailing list, our email capture tools provide the flexibility and functionality you need to connect with your audience, share updates, and nurture a loyal community around your podcast.

Make as many custom pages as you'd like for team, history, or sponsors.

Want to create a page that's not currently included as a Podpage feature, such as sponsorship information or team biographies? No problem. You can create a new page for anything you want, at whatever URL you want. It's simple.

Your site includes a page that lists your reviews from Apple Podcasts.

You should brag about all the nice things people say about your podcast, and Podpage makes that easy. Reviews from your chosen Apple Podcasts country are imported and the 4-star and above ones are displayed on your website. You can also feature your best reviews on your homepage! We check for new ones daily, and alert you when a new one is found.

Create and maintain a blog alongside your episode pages.

If you'd like to create written content as well as your podcast episodes, we make it easy to publish your own simple blog on your podcast website. Your blog can have unlimited posts and will be linked to in the navigation of your website.

Help new listeners find the best episodes to start with.

If you've created a bunch of shows, and a new listener shows up for the first time, it can be overwhelming. To make their initial experience easier, you can feature some of your best episodes to show up at the top of your homepage. Curating a first listener experience is a great way to turn an interested person into a subscriber.

Efficiently manage guests and create detailed profiles with the Guest Intake Form, enhancing your podcast workflow.

Podpage's Guest Intake Form is a powerful tool that simplifies guest management, enhances your podcasting workflow, and ensures that your podcast website features comprehensive and engaging guest profiles. Say goodbye to cumbersome profile creation, back and forth emails, and welcome a more efficient and organized approach with this valuable Podpage feature!

Each guest gets a dedicated page on your website, showcasing their bio, links, and episodes they've featured in.

Every guest you have on your show will have their own page on your website, with their bio, links, and all the episodes they've been on. This is a great way to show off your guests and give them a place to send their fans.

Create simple, pretty links for sponsor and affiliate redirects.

When linking to a sponsor or giving out your affiliate code, make it simple for your listener by creating an easy to remember, simple link at your domain. You can create as many sponsor links as you'd like.

Access and discover past episodes easily with comprehensive site-wide episode search.

As your podcast grows, so does your archive of excellent content. To make sure new listeners can easily access and find old content, every Podpage site comes with full episode search. Search will look at episode titles, summaries, show notes, and other metadata you've added.

Add your Google Analytics tag to see your traffic.

It's important to understand your website traffic, and instead of reinventing the wheel, Podpage supports Google Analytics. Set up a free Analytics account and add your GA ID to your website, and you'll see complete visitor data within Google Analytics.

Prompt iOS users to open your podcast directly in Apple Podcasts.

Apple makes it exceptionally easy for listeners to jump directly into Apple Podcasts if they're on a compatible phone by letting you display a native banner at the top of the screen. With Podpage, turning this banner on is effortless.

Publish transcripts on your website for improved audience engagement and search engine visibility.

Transcripts are a valuable addition to your episode pages, providing excellent and relevant content that not only benefits your audience but also improves your website's visibility on search engines like Google. Adding transcripts to your Podpage website is a powerful way to help Google understand the content of your episodes.

Promote audience interaction on your podcast website with integrated commenting systems, offering users a platform to engage and connect.

Having a dedicated website for your podcast opens up a world of possibilities for connecting directly with your audience, and one of the most effective ways to do that is through comments. Podpage simplifies the process by seamlessly integrating popular commenting systems, allowing you to choose your preferred platform and kickstart meaningful conversations with your listeners. You have the flexibility to integrate Facebook Comments, Disqus, or Hyvor effortlessly.

Easily support your podcast with integrated donation widgets on your Podpage website.

Podpage understands the importance of providing your listeners with an easy way to support your podcast. That's why we've integrated with some of the leading donation platforms, making it effortless for you to add a pop-up donation widget to your Podpage website. Currently, we support KoFi and BuyMeACoffee, and we're continuously exploring new options to enhance your podcast's support system.

Ask users to join your premium membership program.

Podpage's membership integration empowers you to unlock multiple revenue streams. Whether you prefer Patreon, Supporting Cast, Paypal,

Connect with your audience using the contact form for efficient communication and better listener connections.

The contact form feature on Podpage simplifies the process of staying connected with your podcast audience. It streamlines communication, ensures immediate notifications, and even helps you manage spam messages, allowing you to focus on building meaningful relationships with your listeners.

Make it as easy as possible for listeners to rate your show.

Instead of telling listeners to "Go to Apple Podcasts and rate the show", you can just tell them to "Click rate on our website" or "Go to mydomain.com/rate" and they'll be forwarded along to the place of your choosing. You can forward them automatically depending on their platform, or have them choose on their own.

Build audiences for advertising platforms with tracking pixels.

We make it very easy to insert your Facebook Pixel, Twitter Tag, LinkedIn Tag, and more.

Connect your Podpage to leading mailing list platforms.

Add your mailing list signup form from Aweber, ConvertKit, Constant Contact, or Mailchimp to collect emails directly into your mailing list service.

Quickly generate a tweet, Facebook or LinkedIn post.

We make it very easy for you to share every new episode. With a small social sharing tool, we generate a post that can link to individual players or the episode page on your website. It's available for every episode in your catalog.

Enhance episode pages with embedded videos for a dynamic and visually engaging viewing experience.

For podcasters who produce video content alongside their audio episodes, Podpage offers a seamless way to integrate a single embedded video player directly into each episode page. This feature allows you to provide a more visual and engaging experience for your audience, giving them an alternative way to consume your valuable content.

Easily list your merch items directly on your Podpage.

Podpage simplifies the process of presenting all your merchandise and e-commerce items in one convenient location. Whether you're selling merchandise related to your podcast or other products, our Storefront feature makes it effortless.

Import reviews from all Apple Podcasts countries.

On the Elite plan, we will import reviews from ALL Apple Podcast countries. This is over 175+ countries, covering listeners and fans all over the world.

Automatically notify your podcast guests when their episode goes live with our email notification feature, keeping them engaged and informed.

When your podcast episode featuring a guest is released, you want to ensure that your guest is aware of it. With Podpage, this process becomes effortless. The platform can automatically send email notifications to your guests when their episode goes live. This ensures that your guests stay engaged and informed about their appearance on your podcast.

Export your guest data anytime for use in your preferred workflow and spreadsheet tools.

Export your full guest data at any time to use in your own guest workflow. You can import it into any of your preferred data and spreadsheet tools.

Optimize your podcast website for maximum discoverability with robust Advanced SEO Analysis tools.

Podcasting is more popular than ever, and as a podcaster, you want your content to reach the widest audience possible. That's where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes into play. Just like with blogs or websites, optimizing your podcast website for search engines can significantly impact its discoverability. Enter Podpage's robust Advanced SEO Analysis, a game-changer that rivals the likes of YoastSEO.

Boost SEO with precision using a focus keyphrase and improve search rankings effectively

In the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), precision and strategy are key. To achieve the best results in search engine rankings, you need to set your sights on a specific target, and that's where the concept of a "Focus Keyphrase" comes into play. Podpage's SEO Analysis Tool combines this powerful tool with its suite of features to ensure your podcast website ranks well on Google and other search engines.

When episodes, blog posts, reviews, or email subscribers are created, they'll sync to Zapier for flexible use.

If you want to run automations on Zapier, you can now connect your Podpage account and whenever an episode, blog post, review, email subscriber and more is created, it will automatically be sent over to Zapier for you to use however you’d like.

Link directly to specific episodes in popular podcast players, improving accessibility and user experience.

When it comes to podcast websites, providing a seamless experience for your audience is key. One often overlooked aspect is deep linking, a feature that Podpage excels at. Deep linking ensures that when someone clicks a link on an episode page, it takes them directly to the specific episode in popular podcast players. This simple yet powerful feature enhances the user-friendliness of your episode and website.

Use your website to encourage people to sign up to your private feed.

Podpage's support for Private Feeds empowers private podcasters to create impressive websites without compromising their exclusive content. It's an essential tool for private podcasters who want to offer an exceptional experience to their subscribers.

See how many people have clicked on your Pretty Links

Podpage will log and display data on the number of clicks you’ve received for your pretty links.

Host downloadable files for your listeners within Podpage for easy access.

Whether it's an ebook, artwork, guide, or more, you might have a file or two you'd like to make available to your listeners to download. Now, directly within Podpage, you can host files for listeners to download.

Automatically find and showcase your YouTube videos on your podcast page with every new episode

Enhance your episode pages automatically with video. When you upload a new episode, our system automatically searches your YouTube channel for the corresponding video. If found, it's seamlessly added to your podcast webpage. This not only enriches your page with dynamic content but also simplifies the process of updating your site, ensuring a more engaging and visually appealing experience for your audience.

Showcase your podcast hosts and team members on your website with Podpage's easy-to-use feature

Your podcast's hosts and team members play a crucial role in your podcast's identity, and Podpage makes it simple to showcase them effectively on your website. Easily add them to your site and they show up on your homepage, about page, and dedicated host pages.

Optimize your podcast website with automatic schema markup, boosting discoverability effortlessly.

With Podpage, you can effortlessly unlock the benefits of schema markup for your podcast website. Our platform automatically adds structured data following the

Automatically generate and submit a comprehensive sitemap for improved search engine visibility.

When it comes to enhancing the visibility of your website on search engines like Google, having a well-structured sitemap is essential. Podpage simplifies this process by automatically generating a sitemap that includes all the public pages available on your website and makes it readily accessible to Google and other search engines.

Monetize your content effortlessly by integrating Google's AdSense network into your website with easy setup.

Podpage simplifies the process of integrating Google's AdSense network into your website, allowing you to monetize your content effortlessly. With just a few simple settings, you can start earning revenue from ads displayed on your site.

Effortlessly promote episodes and enhance content access using episode numbers

Podpage's Episode Quick Links using episode numbers are designed to make your podcasting journey smoother and more efficient. Whether you're promoting your latest episode on social media or providing easy access to specific content in your show, Quick Links simplify the process without you having to do anything.

Auto-generated metadata, including titles, descriptions, and meta images, to boost visibility and professionalism.

Auto-Formatted Metadata is a powerful tool designed to simplify the way you manage metadata on your podcast website. Metadata, including titles, descriptions, and meta images, plays a crucial role in helping your podcast stand out and get discovered by your target audience. With this feature, you can effortlessly enhance the visibility and professionalism of your podcast episodes.

Effortlessly create companion blog posts for your episodes.

PodpageAI will suggest topics, provide outlines, and fully write blog posts to live alongside your episodes. By writing related content, you add more expertise to your website and can increase your search engine rankings for those topics.

Generate newsletters based on the previous month's content.

PodPodpageAI compiles the last month's reviews, blog posts, and episodes into a monthly newsletter. With minimal editing, you can send engaging updates directly to your listeners using your mailing list provider.

Summarize all your reviews into one simple paragraph.

Summarize all your reviews into a short paragraph, just like Amazon does for all their products, making it easy for new visitors to understand the general sentiment of your listeners.

Earn serious money by referring people to Podpage.

Podpage has an affiliate program that allows you to earn 20%% of the revenue from every Podpage subscription you refer. We also offer a few other perks to help you get started.

Route your contact messages to different email addresses.

By asking listeners to choose a category for their contact message, you can keep better track of the inquiries you're getting, and route different messages to different members on your team.

All plans include

Frequently asked questions

Yes! Podpage works with all domain names. Just buy it wherever you like, and when you enter it into Podpage, you'll get instructions on how to set it up.

You will have full access to the Pro features and can share your website with anyone on your team.

Yes! For flexibility, we have monthly and annual plans. You can cancel them anytime you want, and they will expire at the end of your billing period.

We want you to be happy. If you try it and decide within 30 days that it's not for you, just let us know and we'll gladly refund 100% of what you paid.

Absolutely, if you decide you want to upgrade to a different pricing tier, we'll apply the remaining money on your subscription to the new one.

Podpage is a website builder, but not a podcast host. If you're looking for a place to host/distribute your audio files, you'll want a podcast host for that. They organize your audio files and create a podcast feed for you that the players like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc... use.

Once that feed is set up, you connect it to your Podpage and your website is updated whenever you release a new episode.

Yes! We will happily share 20% of the revenue for new customers you refer (for the first 2 years they subscribe). We have hundreds of affiliates and pay out thousands of dollars a month.

You can learn more about it here: https://podpage.com/affiliates

Podpage Reviews

Don't just rely on our words alone. Hear directly from our customers!

PRO since Sep 2023

It's the best way to make a podcast website, period.

I love how Podpage thinks of everything—guest intake forms, releases, show notes, how it automates updating the page with the latest from the RSS feed, and how it puts the reviews in one place. I tried having a page on my current website for my podcast, but found the upkeep nuts. This is infinitely better. I love it.

PRO since Aug 2022

Podpage makes it SO easy to look awesome!

As a podcaster, the importance of a strong online presence cannot be overstated, and Podpage has been an absolute game-changer for me. From the listener's perspective, Podpage offers a sleek, intuitive interface that makes navigating through my podcast episodes a breeze. The platform's user-friendly design ensures that my content is the star of the show, drawing listeners straight to my episodes without any distractions.

But where Podpage truly shines is in its back-end functionality. As someone who isn't particularly tech-savvy, I've always found website maintenance daunting. Podpage, however, has turned this around for me. The platform's ability to automatically import new episodes and update content has been a massive time-saver. It's like having a personal assistant who takes care of the digital heavy lifting, allowing me to focus on what I love most – creating and producing podcasts.

The customization options are another aspect where Podpage stands out. I was able to design my homepage to my liking and effortlessly create individual pages for each episode. The added capability to include transcripts, link to my articles published elsewhere, and even start a blog has enriched my website's content, offering my audience more ways to engage with my show.

Ultimately, Podpage is more than just a website builder; it's a comprehensive, user-friendly solution that caters to the unique needs of podcasters. It's a platform that understands and addresses the challenges of digital content creation, offering tools and features that help podcasters like me expand my digital footprint with ease. If you're a podcaster looking for a hassle-free, efficient way to bolster your online presence, Podpage is the way to go. I couldn't recommend it more!

PRO since Apr 2021

Simply the Best for Serious Podcasters

I have been using Podpage for several years to develop and maintain a website for my Jazz Piano Skills podcast and would consider no other option. The ease of use, quality features, and top-notch service make it the only choice for the serious podcaster. Look no further if you want a professional website to promote your podcast.

ELITE since Mar 2021

There is no better way to host a podcast website than with Podpage (I know, I've tried them all)

I looked at every option for setting up a podcast website, including some of the automated plugins for Wordpress and nothing came close to the simplicity and customization of Podpage. Even better, I'm using it to host my blog, membership and a lot more! Thanks Podpage!

ELITE since Jan 2022

Podpage: Simple and Effective + More than reasonably priced

I'm not a 'computer person,' when searching for a site to host our Taiwan History podcast, Formosa Files, I was very glad to discover Podpage because using it is straightforward. What's more, when I email them for support, they almost always get back to me promptly. I've encountered a few issues and, especially after upgrading, discovered a plethora of easy-to-use features that align perfectly with the needs of our show. While other sites have approached us seeking to poach, we're sticking with Podpage for all the reasons listed above.

PRO since Aug 2023

Love the easy of use and outstanding customer support

Getting a dedicated page for my podcast up on Podpage took five minutes, and I love how easy it is to make adjustments and changes. Customer support is also top-notch when you need it. I'd recommend Podpage to anyone looking for a feature-rich but easy-to-use hosting platform.

PRO since Sep 2021

I use Podpage & I can’t believe how simple it is to use!

They make it so easy to get up and running within 5 minutes.

With the paid option, you can also run your blog, and your store, and add whatever pages you might need. And yes, you may display all of your social media links. There is a free option as well.

I have my acting headshots, podcast cover art, and all of my brand ambassador and affiliate links as part of my website on separate pages.

Most important is the way your site is updated whenever you upload a new podcast episode!

ELITE since Sep 2021

I wasted a lot of money before finding Podpage!

I wasted a bit of money trying to set up a website for my podcast as I had no idea about anything WordPress, and Podpage made it so much easier and was a lifesaver for my podcast. Takes the hassle out of having to worry about WordPress for a fair monthly price. Would highly recommend Podpage to anyone.

PRO since Nov 2021

Podpage is the best! I don’t know what I did before I discovered them.

There is absolutely no better option for podcasters who want a website than Podpage. They make it so easy to create a professional-looking website, and the tools and resources available to you are second to none. I would recommend Podpage to anyone!

PRO since Aug 2023

Podpage made launching my podcast fast, non-techy and easy!

I wanted a beautiful podcast webpage that would be simple and non-techy to set up and maintain. I knew trying to use my regular website's WordPress theme was going to be time-consuming and problematic. Plug and play was what I was looking for, and Podpage delivered! My podcast's website on Podpage is gorgeous and was fast and easy for a non-tech person to set up. Plus, their support has been responsive and excellent. I greatly appreciate that I can focus on the podcast and feel confident, thanks to Podpage, that the website is taken care of.

PRO since Mar 2023

Podpage is a partnership that lets me focus on my content and community

I explored various options for hosting my website, and when I discovered Podpage, I knew it was the perfect fit for me. I appreciate all of their features, the prompt customer service, and their receptiveness to ideas. They prioritize their customer base, and it's unique to find a company where you can email the owner and submit feedback. Podpage handles the behind-the-scenes work, allowing me to concentrate on creating podcast and website content. I'm delighted to be part of the Podpage community and appreciate the collaborative partnership they foster.

PRO since Dec 2021

Podpage makes podcasting so much easier and faster!

Before Podpage, I had to manually update my old website every time I published a show. Podpage automatically updates my site every time I publish a podcast. It also has tools to make things a lot quicker and easier for me, so I don't have to spend as much time on technical things and more time on the creative side of podcasting.

PRO since Jan 2021

Easy-to-use platform that looks great combined with excellent support

Podpage has allowed me to create an attractive website for my podcast, which allows me to connect much better with my audience. This makes it far easier to monetize my work, which is ultimately the purpose of my podcasting. And every time I have a question, the support team is really helpful and efficient. Podpage has been a very good investment for me.

PRO since Oct 2021

the rating system for Podpage.

Because I want Podpage to grow even more, I think you all should add Spotify and GoodPods ratings to the rating system. I really like Podpage, and I appreciate the rating system you already have, but adding Spotify and Goodpods would make it even better

ELITE since Nov 2022

Amazing solution for podcast websites!

This is an amazing, easy, DIY option for podcasters wanting a website without spending a ton of 💲. As someone who has experience with website development and design, I stand behind what this company is doing. The features are already rich and assist in your workflow, but that isn’t good enough for them, so they’re adding more. This is the solution you need!


Podpage: The Ultimate Podcast Website Platform – User-Friendly, Effective, and Highly Recommended

I am a long-time user of Podpage. I have tried many different podcast website platforms and Podpage is truly the best. It's super easy to set up, user-friendly, and effective. I've had the best experience with Podpage and I've recommended it to all my podcaster friends.

PRO since Jan 2023

Podpage has been a life saver!

If you have a podcast, your website needs to be on Podpage! Especially if you're not a web designer. It will give you 10 (or more) different creative website layouts, pool all your ratings and reviews from all streaming platforms, organize it, and provide you with all the tools you need to optimize your website. So, yes, it is time-saving and gives you a professional-looking website that is exclusively made for podcasts!

NETWORK since Apr 2021

Making life simpler - beautifully!

Before Podpage came along to save me, we were really struggling to create a network website that looked professional without taking forever to build and maintain. I had struggled and dabbled with WordPress (and I'm sure for some folks it's perfect... but not for us). We had a rudimentary site on Weebly, but, if I'm being honest, it looked amateurish and still required a fair amount of maintenance time. Additionally, if we wanted new features, we had to implement most of them ourselves. Then I stumbled across Podpage. Hallelujah! It was easy and quick to set up, looks professional, new features roll through regularly, and the helpdesk is super helpful and responsive. With multiple podcasts to manage as a one-man team, I can truthfully say Podpage has been a sanity saver.

ELITE since Jun 2022

Podpage is the best resource for new podcasters

I started my podcast in Summer 2022 and without Podpage my podcast would not be as professional as it is, attract as many listeners, and as easy to maintain, The guest profile feature is phenomenal and helps streamline the process from initial contact to attaching your guest to your episode. I highly recommend.

PRO since Dec 2020

Podpage has all the features you need!

Podpage not only makes updating your site easy and mostly automated but includes enough design features to make your site a great visual representation of your show.

PRO since Oct 2021

We love Podpage: Easy to use and keeps us on-brand!

We love using Podpage! It makes it easy to add pages for each episode and organize our content. We're proud of the website we have and send all of our traffic to it so our listeners can easily connect with their preferred way of listening or watching the episode.

PRO since Jul 2023

Podpage is an incredible resource!

I am not kidding when I say I was dreading building a podcast website. I was recommended Podpage, and in less than five minutes (Again, not kidding), I had a rough draft of a completed website. This is an amazing tool that will enhance any podcaster’s work.

PRO since Jun 2022

Podpage makes everything easy and professional

I have a Wix-hosted blog, but I use Podpage for my podcast. Podpage has made creating and maintaining a webpage easy. It has excellent features like generating emails, pulling reviews from platforms, and creating social media posts. It makes the workflow simple, but everything looks professional.

PRO since May 2022

Great platform plenty of features and benefits for the podcaster.

Overall, Podpage stands out as a valuable tool for podcasters, offering a user-friendly experience, automation features, customization options, and insightful analytics. It's no surprise that Love Your Music has chosen to utilize this platform, as it aligns with its goal of delivering high-quality content to its audience while maintaining an efficient and professional online presence.

PRO since Dec 2020

Yes, You Can Build Your Podcast Website in 30 mins or less

When I first read about Podpage, claiming I could build my podcast website in less than an hour, I was skeptical. But it works...it really works. I was able to get my site up and running in no time at all. My episodes are automatically posted to the site, and over the years, I have benefited from the many upgrades to the platform. I was able to do it with no problem at all, and by the way, I'm 65 years old.