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Podpage is where the art of podcasting meets the science of web design. Our journey began in 2019 when we set out to revolutionize the podcasting landscape. Founded by serial entrepreneur Brenden Mulligan, whose expertise extends from Silicon Valley giants to startups, Podpage was born out of a desire to empower podcasters with an online presence that matches the quality of their content.

Our core mission is simple: to automatically create beautiful, listener-friendly podcast websites from your RSS feed. We believe that podcasters like you should spend more time creating exceptional content and less time wrestling with technology. With Podpage, you can effortlessly customize your website's design, ensuring it exudes professionalism, all without needing to write a single line of code or possess any technical knowledge.

Trusted by Thousands

Over the years, Podpage has grown into a thriving community of over 30,000 podcasters worldwide. These creators have chosen us as their partner in building a strong online presence, allowing them to focus on what they do best: delivering engaging, informative, and entertaining podcasts.

The Choice of Podcasting Legends

It's not just the numbers that speak to our success; it's also the caliber of podcasters who have embraced Podpage. Some of the most prominent names in the podcasting world, including the inventor of podcasting himself, Adam Curry, and the respected head of the School of Podcasting, Dave Jackson, trust and love our platform. Their endorsement fuels our commitment to excellence.

Recognized by Industry Leaders

We take immense pride in the recognition and accolades Podpage has received from the industry's leading publications. The Podcast Host, TechCrunch, and Podnews have reviewed and covered us, commending our innovation and our dedication to making podcasting accessible to all. These endorsements reinforce our position as the go-to solution for podcasters seeking a streamlined, professional online presence.

Podpage is more than a platform; it's a passionate community dedicated to amplifying your podcast's reach and impact. Join us in your podcasting journey, and let's create a web presence that you'll be proud to call your own.

Podpage Reviews

Don't just rely on our words alone. Hear directly from our customers!

PRO since May 2022

Just love Podpage and it’s Professional but simple layout. So very easy to use and update.

I am not very tech-minded, so Podpage is perfect for me. It's so simple and easy to use that I can update it on my own whenever I want to. Although simple to use, it looks professional and is very smooth to scroll through.

PRO since Jan 2023

Super easy all-in-one tool for podcasters!

Podpage makes it super easy to get started and will have your website up and running in a matter of minutes. From there, you have plenty more options and features that you can add. I really like that I don't have to think about it; it just works!

PRO since Oct 2020

Really easy to setup and looks great!

I joined when Podpage had just launched. I found Brenden and the team to be very helpful and I was able to setup my podcast page very easily. I highly recommend this to any podcaster looking to have a web presence!

PRO since Jan 2021

Easy-to-use platform that looks great combined with excellent support

Podpage has allowed me to create an attractive website for my podcast, which allows me to connect much better with my audience. This makes it far easier to monetize my work, which is ultimately the purpose of my podcasting. And every time I have a question, the support team is really helpful and efficient. Podpage has been a very good investment for me.

PRO since May 2023

Super Easy and would highly highly recommend

I created a podcast with WordPress and it was a nightmare... I kept getting hacked, and wouldn't update, it was a headache. I love Podpage because it's been super easy, and I've had ZERO issues.

PRO since Apr 2023

If only all websites were this easy!

Podpage saves me hours a week by automatically updating when my show is published. How genius is that? I love how easy it is to adjust episodes, and add guests, and sponsors. It's my favorite thing that I don't have to mess much with the layout, and it always looks and works great. Seriously, the best money I spend all year. Thanks, Podpage!

PRO since Jul 2022

Extremely useful and user-friendly podcast features!

We were using WordPress for our podcast webpage before, and it was such a hassle. But with Podpage, everything is built around podcasts, so there's much less time spent tweaking and fixing problems!

PRO since Mar 2023

The perfect online home for my show

I am a storyteller, not a webmaster, designer, or troubleshooter.
All I needed was a beautiful home for my podcast, with all its associated elements - video, transcripts, guest information, reviews, and more. This doesn't sound like such a big ask, but after going around in circles with plugins and pain for a while, it was such a relief to discover Podpage! I was able to spin up the perfect site in literally half an hour - just the right blend of templating and customisation, to bring my vision to life without any hassle. I love it, and receive lots of compliments on the appearance of the site, which always simply 'just works'. I wish I'd discovered it a year before I did! (But importing back episodes was definitely not a problem)

ELITE since Jan 2022

Podpage: Simple and Effective + More than reasonably priced

I'm not a 'computer person,' when searching for a site to host our Taiwan History podcast, Formosa Files, I was very glad to discover Podpage because using it is straightforward. What's more, when I email them for support, they almost always get back to me promptly. I've encountered a few issues and, especially after upgrading, discovered a plethora of easy-to-use features that align perfectly with the needs of our show. While other sites have approached us seeking to poach, we're sticking with Podpage for all the reasons listed above.

ELITE since Mar 2020

Nobody makes it easier to have a podcast website!

We've been with Podpage for a few years and love it. It's very intuitive, has LOADS of amazing functions, and is constantly evolving to meet the needs of podcasters everywhere.

PRO since Jan 2021

Podpage is the Best Team Member I’ve Ever Had

I wouldn't be able to market my podcast at all if it wasn't for Podpage. They provide everything I need to organize, enhance, and market my podcast. They are constantly keeping up with trends and upgrading their services, all while keeping their costs low. I'd be lost without them.

PRO since Jun 2022

Podpage makes life super easy to build a podcast web page

Podpage has been a game changer for my podcast as an inexpensive but phenomenally customizable solution as a Web page. There are solutions throughout the site for many facets of running a podcast and equally, the more you delve, the more you find, which allows you to constantly update and add more interesting things. The user interface is also super easy to use so you don't need to have any web development skills to pick this up and run with it. A total game-changer for the show.

PRO since May 2022

Podpage...simple, intuitive, and the answer to your prayers. Drop the mic

When starting my podcast, friends of mine said I also needed a website to promote it. Seriously, the work in doing a podcast eats enough of my time as it is. Didn't have time to code and whatever I needed to do in creating a website.

I was told I would find Podpage easy and would make my marketing campaigns easier to implement.

Ok, I took the dive.

After signing up and migrating my podcast material over to Podpage, I was gobsmacked! Within a few minutes I was provided with a clean and nicely designed website...minutes!

The Podpage DESIGN section, holding the tools to edit your site looks complex, but it's so darn intuitive. Very simple and robust, without question.

Forget those other podcast website companies, Podpage is ALL you're going to need. The company continues to innovate and provide a ton of features that truly provide 'added value' and not fluff.

To my friends who recommended I sign up with Podpage, a hundred high-fives!

PRO since Feb 2022

Looks great, works great, low maintenance

It was super easy to connect my podcast and get a high-quality website! I love how dynamically it pulls in the content and how low maintenance it is while still looking really great!

PRO since May 2023

What a time saver! So glad I discovered Podpage

Podpage makes it so darn easy to get a website up and running and looking beautiful. Everything is so automated! Once I upload an episode to my podcast platform, Podpage automatically imports all the content and seamlessly updates my website when the episode is released. It couldn't be simpler.

Also, I've found the team at Podpage to be very quick to respond when I've reached out with questions, and they are constantly working on improvements and new additions to delight their customers.

It's definitely money well spent.

BASIC since Nov 2021

The Easiest and Best Website Solution for Your Podcast

In the past I spent way too much time and pain setting up client web connections for their podcast and then even more time troubleshooting regular problems. Now no more. I point them to Podpage. It's simple, looks great and removes one more barrier to starting a podcast.

PRO since Jul 2022

Podpage is user-friendly for those of us who aren't tech savvy!

Learning the ins and outs of starting a podcast is time-consuming. It was so helpful to find Podpage to help design our site. They took the guesswork out of it and made that part easy for us so that we could focus on the podcasting part. The customer service with them has been top-notch, and they have always been quick to help with any questions.

NETWORK since Jul 2020

Incredible ease of use

The incredible ease of use, it's elegance, the direct support and enthusiasm from the founder, Brenden. I was able to not only set up a podcast website in minutes, but I also set up my podcast networks' website in minutes.

PRO since Aug 2020

An amazingly helpful tool for podcasters!

I am a huge fan of Podpage! It helped me quickly build a podcast website that looks great and is easy to update & maintain. I love the customizable layouts and the features, like the built-in blog and the ability to categorize my episodes. The Podpage team is readily available to answer customers' questions and they are constantly adding new valuable features. I highly recommend Podpage as a time-saving and easy-to-use tool built specifically for podcasters!

PRO since Apr 2023

Simplified time saver that is a must for any podcaster!

I'm so glad I gave Podpage a try. The thought that I could be manually publishing podcast episodes to my website is now absurd and I can't even imagine the amount of time I'm saving. This streamlined service makes it so easy to have a professional website with easy to navigate podcast category options that can be searched. If you have a podcast, then Podpage is a requirement to make your life so much easier.

PRO since Dec 2021

Podpage is brilliant and spectacular

No muss, no fuss. I love that Podpage is so simple from my end, meaning it does all the hard work behind the scenes. It is seriously the most effortless part of producing Platemark, my pod about fine art prints and the printmaking ecosystem. Thanks to Brenden and his crew for making it so easy.

PRO since Jun 2023

Podpage has removed so much stress

Before Podpage, I tried using WordPress and Wix for my podcast's website. It was so much work to figure everything out and keep it up to date. Not only that, it never really had a professional, polished look and feel. It wasn't a website I could feel proud of.

Thankfully, I discovered Podpage, and now I no longer have the worry and stress of trying to put together a decent website for my listeners to go to. Podpage was so incredibly easy to set up and now pretty much takes care of everything for me. It offers many options, looks professional, and is easy for my visitors to navigate.

I can't recommend Podpage enough.

ELITE since Apr 2023

So Easy, Everyone should do a Podcast!

I'm thrilled to hear that Podpage has been a game-changer for you in starting and managing your podcast. It's indeed great when a platform can provide the necessary support without the need for extensive customization and high costs. If you have any more insights or experiences to share about your podcasting journey or using Podpage, feel free to let me know!

PRO since Oct 2021

Podpage is an absolute life saver !

Podpage is the best! Having all my links for my show on one page is a lifesaver, and being able to add sponsorship links is also great. For the price, you can't beat what they offer.

PRO since Apr 2023

Makes Podcast Websites Easy to Maintain

I don’t have a ton of time to pour into all the extra stuff needed to grow a podcast since it's a side project for me. But Podpage makes maintaining a well-organized and designed website for my podcast very doable! I’m thankful for that and the work they do to improve the services offered.

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