Podcast Spotlight: All the Hacks

In this Podcast Spotlight, we highlight the successful podcast All the Hacks and break down what it can teach you about making successful content that stands out from the crowd!

We're all looking for tips and tricks to make life easier without spending a fortune. Now, all the hacks have been compiled into a podcast called, aptly, All the Hacks. The show covers topics like travel, investing, credit card points, and more and is packed with strategies and tactics that can be used to make life easier.

Let's take a look at what makes this podcast so successful and how you can leverage some of the ideas to take your content to the next level.


About the Host: Chris Hutchins

In addition to being the co-founder/CEO of Grove (acq. by Wealthfront), a former partner at Google Ventures, co-founder at Milk (acq. by Google), and creator of LaidOffCamp, Chris Hutchins is an expert financial and life optimizer. In fact, his trademark combination of technical and entrepreneurial skills has made him an expert on ways to get the most out of life.

Since 2021, he's been bringing his tips and tricks to the podcast world as well! He has been featured for his work in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and CNBC, and also appeared in the financial independence documentary Playing with Fire.


About The Show

All the Hacks is a great study for podcasters because, while it follows the rules, Hutchins has no problem breaking them when it serves to make better content. Let's walk through his episodes more in-depth to show you what we mean.

Episode Highlights and Content

While Hutchins has a wealth of knowledge about various life hacks, he features a guest on nearly every episode.

For instance, he recently featured travel expert Nick Reyes to talk about how to get the most out of your points and miles. He’s also featured investors, financial experts, and other podcasters. One of the best things about this podcast topic is the ability to provide actionable advice that your listeners can use right away.

Hutchins also frequently has Q&A episodes dedicated specifically to addressing questions from his listener mailbag.

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Episode Format

Episodes range from 20 minutes to nearly an hour and a half. This is good intel for a podcaster, because it shows you don't have to stick to any particular episode length, even though the most popular episode length is between 20 and 40 minutes.  

A good rule of thumb: make your content as long as it needs to be and no longer. If you can say what you need to in 20 minutes, that's great. But if you need to record a longer-form episode for a more complicated topic, that's fine too! As long as you are providing true, high-quality value to listeners.

Podcast Website

All the Hacks is hosted with Podpage and showcases many of the premium features available to users. The site is user-friendly and organized, making it easy to find what you're looking for—it also goes above and beyond in a few simple ways to provide visitors with extra value.

The home page not only features the most recent episodes, but the most popular episodes as well. This is an easy feature to implement and can go a long way into turning curious listeners into hardcore fans. The home page also links to Hutchins' most recent blog posts. (Note: Here's how you can use your Podpage blog!)

Each episode has its own episode page with show notes, chapter markers, partner links, and a very thorough list of resources mentioned in the episode.

The site also has a "Deals" page with all the deals and discounts on products and services Hutchins recommends for hacking your life. This page is a treasure trove for All the Hacks listeners looking to get the most out of the show's content in one centralized hub.

There are also other helpful features, including:

  • A newsletter sign-up tab: A newsletter sign-up page that lets visitors opt-in to the All the Hacks email newsletter.
  • A page dedicated to credit card recommendations: A place where listeners can actually see Hutchins' credit card advice on one easy-to-digest page.
  • An About page: Always important for SEO purposes, the About page includes basic information on the host that helps viewers and potential sponsors know a little more about his background.
  • A Contact page: A basic contact page—nothing fancy! But it gives viewers an easy way to shoot the host an email. It's an important feature on a podcast website because it opens an easy line of communication with listeners, potential guests,  brands, and affiliates.
  • A Members page: The All the Hacks members page includes various tiers with ways to support the content and get perks like monthly video calls with the host, priority response in emails, the ability to contribute to future episode topics, etc.

Hutchins brought the same thoroughness to his website that he brings to his episodes, and it helps make his content more accessible for everyone looking to engage with it. 

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Key Takeaways and Awesome Episodes

Every episode provides listeners with actionable tips from an industry expert that can be applied to their everyday life. Here are a few of the show’s top-ranked episodes:

  • Live a Happier Life, Saying No, and Prioritizing Goals. Chris talks with entrepreneur and writer Derek Sivers about achieving fulfillment in life. They delve into decision-making, experiencing meaning, personal happiness, journaling, and asserting boundaries. They also discuss parenting, traveling with children, and aligning your personal values with your actions to achieve objectives.
  • Die With Zero: Net Fulfillment Over Net Worth. Chris speaks with Bill Perkins, a hedge fund manager and writer who shares insights on the concept of dying with zero. Topics include prioritizing net fulfillment in life stages, experiences to focus on, banking memory, and using self-reflection to make optimal spending choices. The discussion also covers solving for maximum fulfillment, among other topics.
  • Mastering the Secret Language of Charismatic Communication. In this episode, Chris welcomes communication expert Vanessa Van Edwards. Together, they delve into the language of social cues, how to master charisma, and the impact of vocal, written, tonal, and visual communication on successful interactions with colleagues, friends, and family.
  • Pro Travel Hacks for Every Aspect of Your Next Trip. Chris chats with travel expert Leigh Rowan who shares invaluable travel tips and tricks. They cover everything from securing the best prices on accommodations and flights to authentic local experiences.

Impact and Reception

Looking at a podcast’s reviews can be an effective way of figuring out exactly what it is listeners value about the content and what they don't.

All the Hacks consistently gets 5-star ratings with an overall rating of 4.9 on Apple Podcasts. Listeners usually praise the targeted questions that Hutchins asks as well as how in-depth he goes on topics. 

While it's difficult to say how many listeners a podcast has exactly, he has a loyal listenership who are likely highly engaged—not only because podcasts attract high engagement as a medium, but because he works hard at providing consistent value with quality production, good guests, and reaching a certain flow with every episode.


Final Thoughts

Chris Hutchins has built All the Hacks with a lot of care and attention to detail. From the website, show notes, episode topics, guests, and quality production, he's created a solid podcast that helps listeners solve the problems of their everyday lives. 

Just to recap: Let’s review what podcasters can learn from his approach:

  • Lay a strong foundation: Provide consistent value, and you will increase your chances of success in whatever your podcasting goals are.
  • Go above and beyond with your podcast website: Some podcasters see their podcast website as an afterthought or something that mostly serves to archive their episodes and promote new ones. Hutchins does a great job of showing a few extra things you can do with your website to make it more engaging for visitors.
  • Be willing to break the rules: Hutchins makes small but significant moves that help his content stand out. So the next time you wonder if you can release an episode three times the length of last week's, or make your podcast website a different element that most have, etc., remember to "Learn the old rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist."

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