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Package Design Unboxd's hosts saved 4 hours of time every week

Evelio Mattos started Package Design Unboxd at the beginning of the pandemic to stay connected with designers around the world. He moved his site from Wordpress to Podpage to save a ton of time.

Evelio Mattos

About the Podcast

Package Design Unboxd is the podcast that unboxes everything you need to know about packaging design from the people in packaging.

Features Used

Before Podpage

"My previous Wordpress site required hours a week to maintain. Every episode had to be entered individually including show notes, images, and links. The best part was when something would break and I had to spend an entire evening trying to figure out what broke and google how to fix it.

I never felt in control of my own website. I never felt confident in what I was doing.

Even though I am a designer, I am not a web designer nor a programmer. I chose Wordpress because everyone said it was easy, well it wasn't easy for me. There is a learning curve and I don't have the time to learn it, not when I'm busy learning to edit podcasts. "

Podpage gave me back 4 hours of my life each week!

Evelio Mattos

After Podpage

Packaging Unboxd website

"Podpage automatically updates my website with every new episode, imports all the show notes AND links! All I need to do on the page is update who the guest is and create an individual image per episode based on the guest.

Setting up the site literally took 15 minutes, at that point I realized I had overpaid for my original site. I got the paid Podpage site and launched it as my site that night."

Packaging Unboxd website
Packaging Unboxd website
Packaging Unboxd website

The final result

"Since launching I have spent hours on Podpage, learning everything it can do because I want to get the most out of my site. It's intuitive and basically just works.

I've recommended it to 3 other podcasters this week already!"

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