Introducing Podpage Free

Today, we're excited to announce that any podcaster can launch a Podpage website for free. No credit card required. No commitment. No trial length. Just full-blown free.

UPDATE: After offering the free page for over 3 years, we're sunsetting it. You can see our current plans on our pricing page.

We've had thousands of podcasters try Podpage since we launched a few months ago, and many have made Podpage their official podcast website by adding their own domain name ( In fact, adding a domain was the only way you could launch a website with Podpage. If you didn't add a custom domain, the page didn't show up correctly for external visitors.

Today, that changes. A page without a custom domain looks as good as any Pro-tier page. It's got almost the same functionality, except the page doesn't have a custom domain (so it's hosted at instead of and shows a Made with Podpage badge. 

This free tier should be perfect for podcasters who want a more fully featured website than their podcast host, but don't care about using their own domain name. And our free tier still has some amazing podcast SEO optimization to help your show grow over time.

Of course, any free page can be upgraded at any time. We still offer basic (which has a smaller set of features), and our more popular Pro tier, which has all the bells and whistles you could ever want. We've also updated our pricing page to clarify the difference between the paid tiers.

Enjoy! Stay tuned for some big releases coming up!

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