Job: Podpage Community Support Lead

PART TIME (2-4 HOURS / DAY) • $48,000/YEAR

I’m looking for someone to own Podpage Customer Support. I’ve been doing it every day (even weekends) for 3 years and it’s time to get someone else to take full ownership of it. I’ll still be helping, but I need someone who can be more regularly responsive and provide even better support to our customers.
You will need to become an absolute expert in Podpage. You'll be expected to know EVERYTHING, including the bugs/shortcomings.
You should have extensive knowledge of how podcasting RSS feeds/hosts work, an understanding of websites and domain names, and general technical know-how. Intimate knowledge of the podcasting industry obviously a major plus.


  • Answering all the customer support tickets per day (using software called Intercom).
  • Keeping our article knowledge-base updated.
  • Engaging and managing our Facebook community.
  • Engaging and managing our Twitter account.
  • Maintaining a list of the biggest customer pain-points we need to address with improvements to the software.
  • (Over time) Putting together and sending a weekly newsletter for Podpage customers about the podcasting industry.
We get about 20-40 support tickets per day ranging from technical questions to billing questions. You’ll be expected to check in several times a day to respond to users (who are writing throughout the day). You also be expected to reply to critical tickets on weekends.
I think you’d spend about 4 hours a day at first learning the product, answering tickets, and improving the knowledge base. Over time as you know more, you’d probably be able to cover most days in about 2 hours. These are just estimates.
It’s a low-key, remote-friendly, very flexible role working with great customers in a fantastic industry. But you’re also fully responsible for making sure customers are taken care of. The buck stops with you and I’m looking for someone exceptionally responsible and reliable to take on the role.


  1. We will contact candidates in mid-July if we'd like to talk more. You'll be sent a series of mock customer-support questions about Podpage, and it'll be up to you to find the answer and write responses.
  2. For candidates we'd like to move forward with, we'll ask for references.
  3. We'll do a final interview.

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