Every Podpage now includes a Follow page

A follow page is the simplest way to list all the links your audience should be aware of.

Last week I shared an upcoming feature with our amazing Facebook community, and now I wanted to share it with all Podpage users.

As of today, every Podpage website has a new /follow page, a simple page that lists your podcast, your podcast player links, and your social links! It's a great to use when you want to share a way for listeners to quickly jump to a podcast player, and they look particularly good on mobile. To see it, just go to your page and put /follow at the end of it.

If you want to re-order the player links, you can now do that by going to Settings → Player Links → Change Order in the Podpage Dashboard.

This in included on all Podpage websites (free, Basic, and Pro) and is intended to be a simple way to share a link to get people to follow your podcast on platforms. Please send us feedback about how we can make this super useful for you!