Built for Podcasters

Built specifically for podcasters

Podpage was created for podcasters. That means the features are specifically tailored to help you create the best podcast website possible for your show.

Podcast Player Links

Connect your audience to their favorite podcast app instantly

Make it easy for listeners to follow your show wherever they prefer to tune in. We automatically add links and badges for top podcast players. Seamlessly direct your audience to the right app for their device.

Don’t search for badges
You dont need to go through the painful process of finding all the badges yourself.
Improved listener experience
Can display player links as logos, badges, or icons
Great in dark or light mode
All badges are formatted for both light and dark modes
Apple Smart Banners

Guide iOS listeners straight to your Apple Podcasts listing

Make it a breeze for your listeners to dive into your show on their iPhones. Our one-click setup automatically displays a native Apple banner. Direct your users to your podcast in the native Apple Podcasts app.

Apple Smart Banners
Automatic setup
You dont need to do anything. It’s set up automatically.
Easy listener experience
One click for your listener to launch your show in the Apple Podcast app
This only shows on Apple devices with the app installed, never Android
Rating URL

Boost your podcast ratings with a simple, memorable URL

Make it effortless for listeners to rate your show by sharing a single, easy-to-remember URL. Automatically direct them to the right platform or let them choose where to leave a review.

Rating URL
Memorable URL
Because no one can remember a 300 character link.
Automatic redirects
Push your audience to the right platforms to review automatically.
More reviews and ratings
Get higher credibility, podcast rankings, and community loyalty.