Headliner's 12 reasons you need a podcast website for your show

Our friends at Headliner wrote an amazing post that everyone should read about the key reasons to have a website for your podcast

We passionately believe podcasters should all have a website. But we're obviously biased, since we've built a whole platform for podcasters to build websites. So, when we come across an amazing impartial post about the importance of podcast websites, we like to share it.

We recently stumbled on a post that our friends at Headliner did. You know Headliner because you see their audiograms across all forms of social media. They're the go-to best tool to create engaging, sharable videos for your podcast. Go use them. They're amazing.

They know podcasting inside and out, and recently did a post specifically talking about why podcast websites are important. You'll have to read the post to get all the details, but the 12 reasons they discuss are:

  1. Increase discoverability / SEO for your show
  2. Control your content
  3. Provide bonus material / added value
  4. Snazzy / detailed archive
  5. Promote other products / sales funnels
  6. Build community / collect email addresses
  7. Receive feedback
  8. Control and promote your brand
  9. More analytics
  10. Memorial / easy to remember / branded URL
  11. Present yourself as professional and engaging
  12. A podcast website can be simple

Go check out the full post here.

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