Google now requires all podcasts to have a website

Podpage is an easy, free solution to use for Google's new podcast requirement

We are big believers that every podcast should have its own website. We were founded on the premise that you need to have a direct channel to connect with your fans that is not Apple, Google, Spotify or other podcast players. It's critical for long term success.

Today, Google Podcasts added another reason to have a website: they require it!

Podcast RSS feeds must include correctly formatted link to a valid homepage

<link> element must be populated with a valid and crawlable URL of your podcast’s homepage.

Linking your podcast to a homepage will help the discovery and presentation of your podcast on Google surfaces. Also read our previous community post on this topic.


We don't love that their reasoning is "presentation of your podcast on Google surfaces" but we do love that they're encouraging every podcaster to have their own site.

As always, we encourage you to look into the podcast site your host provides, as that could be a simple solution for this requirement. But in case you want something a little bit more, you can spin up a FREE Podpage website in less than 30 seconds to use for Google. This website will stay up to date forever and is over-the-top optimized for Google. (Sidenote: our founder use to work for Google)

So, there you have it! Another great reason to build a podcast website today!

Also, if you try it and want to upgrade, we're celebrating by giving $20 off any Pro plan with the code YAYGOOGLE. Valid through August 13, 2021.

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