Search Engine Optimization

Professional search engine optimization tools

Every Podpage has been over-optimized for podcast SEO. Especially after you attach your domain name, in a few weeks you'll rule Google.

Auto-Formatted Metadata

Make your podcast more visible with auto-formatted metadata

Automatically generate optimized titles, descriptions, and images for your episode pages. Improve your podcast's discoverability and professionalism with best-practice metadata.

100% automatic
Titles, descriptions, and images are created for each episode page.
Optimized for visibility
Metadata is formatted to maximize search engine visibility and click-through rates.
Professional look
Well-crafted metadata makes your podcast look polished and professional.
Advanced SEO Analysis

Use advanced SEO tools to boost your podcast's search engine rankings

Boost your podcast website's visibility with Podpage's robust SEO Analysis tools. get valuable tips and tricks to enhance your site's ranking on search engines.

Comprehensive SEO analysis
Get detailed insights into your website's SEO health and performance.
Actionable recommendations
Receive specific suggestions to improve your site's search engine rankings.
Competitive edge
Stand out in search results and attract more listeners to your podcast.
Schema Markup

Make your podcast easier to find with automatic schema markup

Add structured data to your website so search engines can understand and display your content. Improve your podcast's visibility in search results with zero effort.

100% automatic
Schema markup is added to your site automatically, with no manual work needed.
Improved search visibility
Structured data helps your podcast stand out in search results with rich snippets.
Better content UX
Schema markup helps search engines better interpret and categorize your content.
Sitemap Generation

Improve your site's visibility with an automatically generated sitemap

Create a comprehensive sitemap of your website and submits it to search engines. Help Google and other search engines easily discover and index all your content.

An accurate, up-to-date sitemap is important for search engines to discover and index all the content on your podcast website. Podpage takes care of this important SEO task automatically with the Automatic Sitemap Generation feature. Every time you publish a new episode, blog post, or other content, Podpage adds it to your sitemap. This comprehensive sitemap includes all the public pages on your website, ensuring maximum visibility to search engines. Podpage also submits your sitemap to Google and other search engines, so your content can be indexed and shown in search results faster.
Comprehensive sitemap
100% automatic
Sitemap is created and updated automatically as you add new content.
Search engine indexing
Sitemap is submitted to Google and other search engines for faster indexing.
Define Keyphrase

Use keyphrases to boost your podcast's search rankings

Set a focus keyphrase for each page on your site and get recommendations to optimize your content around it. Improve your search engine performance with precision and strategy.

Targeted SEO
Focus your SEO efforts on specific keyphrases for each page.
Keyphrase recommendations
Get suggestions to better optimize your content around your chosen keyphrase.
Improved search rankings
Rank higher in search results for your target keyphrases and attract more listeners.
Search Engine Optimization

Boost your podcast's discoverability with automatic SEO

Podpage enhances your episode pages with optimized titles, descriptions, and tags to improve search engine visibility. Get more listeners without any extra effort.

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Search Engine Optimization
Automatic SEO
Episode pages are optimized for search engines without any manual work.
Improved discoverability
Optimized pages rank higher in search results and attract more listeners.
No SEO expertise needed
Benefit from SEO best practices without needing to be an expert.
301 Redirects

Preserve your SEO value when you move to Podpage

Use 301 redirects to tell search engines that your old website pages have permanently moved to your new Podpage site. Maintain your search engine rankings and avoid broken links.

Maintain SEO value
Tell search engines that your pages have moved, so you don't lose SEO juice.
Prevent broken links
Redirect old URLs to their corresponding pages on your new Podpage site.
Easy setup
Simply enter your old URL paths and their new Podpage equivalents to create redirects.