Powerful tools to engage your audience

One of the main reasons to have a website is to have a place where you can build a relationship directly with your audience. Engage them multiple ways.

Receive Voicemails

Podpage comes with a voicemail system fully baked in. Listeners can leave voicemails for you directly from your website and you can download the audio to use in your podcast.

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Build a Mailing List

You are the one creating great content, but you're letting the podcast players own your relationship with your listener. Instead, get your listeners on a mailing list and periodically reach out with things of interest. Podpage makes it easy to prompt someone to sign up for your email list, and you can export the info anytime to Mailchimp or other newsletter service.

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Collect Comments

One of the best things about having a website is being able to have a direct connection with your users, and one of the best ways to do that is through comments. Podpage makes that easy.

Podpage integrates popular commenting systems, making it easy for you to choose your preference and get the conversation started.

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Provide a Contact Page

You have the option to show a contact form so people can get in touch with you over email. It adds a simple contact form to your page, letting the user send a quick message. You can also show different places they can find you online, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and even LinkedIn.

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Downloadable Files

Whether it’s an ebook, artwork, guide, or more, you might have a file or two you’d like to make available to your listeners to download. Now, directly within Podpage, you can host files for listeners to download.