The 10 Best Food Podcasts

Whether you’re entranced by food culture, curious about culinary history, or simply love sitting down to a good meal, these food podcasts will have you coming back for seconds!

Whether you're looking for ideas for your own show or you just love listening and learning about food, we've got a list of the best food podcasts that you'll absolutely love.

These shows are like a delicious adventure for your ears, taking you on journeys through the history of food, teaching you about cool food facts, and sometimes even sharing secret recipes.

We've picked out shows that are not only super interesting but also fun to listen to, with stories and tips from food experts. Get ready to add some flavor to your podcast playlist as we dive into the world of food podcasts, where every story is a treat waiting to be discovered.


1. Dinner SOS by Bon Appétit

If you’ve ever prepared a meal, you’ve likely faced a cooking dilemma—and Bon Appétit’s Chris Morocco wants to help you solve them!

Dinner SOS comes to the rescue with practical advice and quick-fix recipes for home chefs. Hosted by culinary experts, the show provides listeners with tips and tricks to navigate kitchen mishaps, meal planning challenges, and last-minute dining disasters, making cooking approachable and enjoyable for everyone from beginners to seasoned home chefs.


2. A Hot Dog Is a Sandwich

Hosted by cookbook authors Josh Scherer and Nicole Enayati, A Hot Dog Is a Sandwich aims to tackle the culinary world’s biggest questions and controversies—one show at a time.

Inspired by the age-old question, “Is a hot dog a sandwich?” Scherer and Enayati cover such topics as mall food courts, all-you-can-eat buffets, bone broth, and more, all in a quest to understand more about the foods we eat and love.


3. The Food Chain

This BBC World Service podcast offers an in-depth look at the business, science, and culture of food, providing a closer look at how what we eat changes our lives.

Episode topics range from school lunches and food preservation to fasting and the importance of dinner table conversation. Interviews with farmers, chefs, and entrepreneurs uncover the complex journey from farm to fork, revealing the hidden forces that influence what ends up on our plates.


4. The One Recipe

Host Jesse Sparks invites chefs, food writers, and culinary personalities to share the one recipe they can always depend on.

Each episode not only reveals the story behind the recipe but also delves into the personal and cultural significance of the dish, offering listeners a deeper appreciation for the connections between food, memory, and community. This heartwarming and engaging show provides not just cooking inspiration but also a glimpse into the emotional power of food.


5. Recipe Club

Fans of Cutthroat Kitchen and Top Chef are sure to love Recipe Club! Hosted by David Chang and Chris Ying, this competitive cooking show pits chef against chef in a culinary showdown!

After choosing an ingredient—such as maple syrup or lemons—Chang and Ying go head-to-head to prepare their own version, often encountering some entertaining obstacles along the way.


6. Proof

Direct from America’s Test Kitchen, Proof aims to feed your mind with tales about the foods we love (and take for granted).

Rather than recipes and cooking tips, host Kevin Pang brings exciting stories from the culinary world, histories of your favorite ingredients, and deep dives into what it takes to get a dish on the table.

Whether it's exploring the origins of a classic dish or debunking culinary myths, "Proof" invites listeners to see the food on their plates in a whole new way.


7. The Sporkful

Rather than focusing on food, The Sporkful uses food as a vehicle to explore people. Podcast host and pasta shape inventor Dan Pashman explores the intricacies of how and why we eat the way we do.

The show delves into the philosophical side of food, such as the science of taste, the etiquette of eating, and the ways food intersects with identity and tradition. Through engaging storytelling, humor, and insightful interviews, The Sporkful offers a fresh and entertaining perspective on food, making it relatable not just to foodies, but to anyone who loves to eat.


8. Table Manners

Hosted by mother-daughter duo Lennie and Jessie Ware (and set around their kitchen table), Table Manners features a variety of celebrity guests, each sharing food-related stories from their lives.

In addition to learning about favorite foods and memorable meals, interviews use food to uncover the personalities we know and love.

This warm and witty podcast not only offers insights into the dining habits and personal lives of its guests, but also celebrates the universal joy of sharing a meal, making Table Manners a heartwarming listen for food lovers and story enthusiasts alike.


9. Home Cooking

Developed during the COVID pandemic, Home Cooking aims to help listeners decide what to eat for dinner. Hosted by Samin Nosrat, author of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat and Hrishikesh Hirway, this podcast combines expert culinary advice with a dose of humor, offering tips, tricks, and recipes to make the most of whatever is in your pantry.

Through listener call-ins and engaging stories, "Home Cooking" inspires both seasoned cooks and kitchen novices to explore new culinary territories with confidence and joy.


10. Gastropod

Gastropod looks at food through the lens of both science and history, offering listeners a rich exploration of the hidden stories and surprising science behind different foods, cooking techniques, and culinary traditions.

Hosted by Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley, the podcast delves into topics as diverse as the evolution of cutlery, the biology of spice, and the economics of agriculture, making complex subjects both accessible and entertaining.

With its well-researched episodes and engaging storytelling, Gastropod provides a feast for the mind, appealing to food enthusiasts and curious minds alike who are eager to learn more about what we eat and why.



These handpicked episodes promise to be not just a treat for your taste buds, but a feast for your ears, blending history, science, and the sheer joy of eating into every story told.

Whether you're in the kitchen looking for cooking companionship or on your commute craving some food for thought, these podcasts are sure to satisfy your appetite for both knowledge and nibbles.

Remember, in the world of food podcasts, there's always another delicious morsel around the corner, ready to be discovered and devoured. Happy listening, and may your podcast playlist be as fulfilling as a gourmet meal!



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