Built specifically for podcasters

Podpage was created for podcasters. That means the features are specifically tailored to help you create the best podcast website possible for your show.


The best part about a Podpage website is, for the most part, it's totally automated. New episodes from your feed will automatically be added, new reviews from Apple podcasts are imported, and overall, the page just takes care of itself. You'll receive alerts when there's something to do, but it's rare. You can set it, and forget it.

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Episode Pages

This is the most foundational element of your whole website: the episode. Every episode you create gets its own page with all relevant information, including title, duration, summary, show notes, episode images, and most importantly a player. These pages have customizable, human readable URLs, and are automatically indexed in Google.

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Media Players

Podpage puts a player on every page, so when someone lands on your website, they can immediately listen to your podcast. On your homepage, there's a player at the top to start streaming your most recent episode, and on each episode page, there's a player for that episode. We support a standard player, as well as players from some media hosts such as Simplecast and Art19.

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Follow Links

We automatically add follow badges and graphics to all the top players you want to add to your website, giving your listeners the ability to listen to your podcast wherever they prefer. We'll also do our best to only show a user players supported by their device, so someone on Android wont see Apple Podcasts as an option.

Imported Reviews

You should brag about all the nice things people say about your podcast, and Podpage makes that easy. Reviews from your chosen Apple Podcasts country are imported and the 4-star and above ones are displayed on your website. You can also feature your best reviews on your homepage! We check for new ones daily, and alert you when a new one is found.

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Apple Smart Banner

Apple makes it exceptionally easy for listeners to jump directly into Apple Podcasts if they're on a compatible phone by letting you display a native banner at the top of the screen. With Podpage, turning this banner on is effortless.

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Add Transcripts

Transcripts are a great way to make your content more accessible. They're great for Google to get additional context about what's in the episode, and even more useful for people with a disability who can't listen to your episode.

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Rating URL

Instead of telling listeners to "Go to Apple Podcasts and rate the show", you can just tell them to "Click rate on our website" or "Go to mydomain.com/rate" and they'll be forwarded along to the place of your choosing. You can forward them automatically depending on their platform, or have them choose on their own.

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Episode Videos

If you film a version of your episodes, you can include this on your episode page, making it easy for your audience to see your show.

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Reviews from 175+ Countries

On the Elite plan, we will import reviews from ALL Apple Podcast countries. This is over 175+ countries, covering listeners and fans all over the world.

Episode Deep Linking

When Podpage imports an episode, it will try to get the deep link to that episode in the popular podcast players. This way, when someone clicks that link on an episode page, it will go directly to the episode.